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How much Anavar (Oxandrolone), should I take?

Today's article will focus on how to properly dose Oxandrolone (aka Anavar). It is crucial to correctly dose anabolic steroids to avoid both negative and positive side effects. Therefore, it is important to spend some time to determine the best dosage for you. We are experts in anabolic steroids. This is why we have written this article about Anavar dosage. You may ask - how much Anavar should i take? So let's get started.

How much Anavar should you use? These are the factors that will determine the right Anavar dosage.
Dosing anabolic steroids is subjective, just like any other. Anavar is no exception. How much Oxandrolone do you need? 10mg? 20mg? 50mg?

Four factors, sourced from JBHNews are required to get an idea about how much Anavar you should be taking (in no particular order).

Anabolic Steroid Experience

The general rule is that the more steroid cycles (and the greater muscle mass) you have, the higher the doses you will need to achieve similar gains in the next cycle. This isn't necessarily linear and there are many factors that could affect it. However, as your steroid-taking experience grows, so will the need to take higher doses. If you have taken steroids in the past, your dosage of Anavar will be higher than for someone who has never used them.


This is in line with the previous point about steroid experience. The more cycles you have, the greater your steroid knowledge. You'll also need to take higher doses every cycle. This is something novice steroid users should also consider. Two beginners who weigh 30 lbs less than each other (e.g. 170 vs. 200 lbs) will likely require slightly different doses. The heavier person will usually require more.

Cycle goals

There are four main steroid cycles: cutting, bulking, pure strength and recomping. Anavar is most commonly used to achieve the first three goals, but it can also be combined with other 'bulking' steroids like testosterone or Deca Durabolin for larger gains. Your cycle's goal may impact your dosage.

Other steroids may also be taken

If Anavar is taken as a steroid alone, it will be required to be consumed in higher doses than if it is stacked with other anabolic steroids.

After we have looked at the factors that affect Oxandrolone dosage, we recommend you 'plug in' this information and apply it to some real-world situations. The above information is not enough to tell you how much Anavar you should take, even though it's essential.

Before we get into details, it is important to note that this is not medical advice. It is simply based on our experience and knowledge. The individual should determine the dose of steroids. Therefore, the following information should not be considered as medical advice.

Anavar Dosing: Real world Examples

It's impossible to address every scenario, but we could! We can provide enough examples to help you get an idea of what you should do with your Anavar cycle, regardless of your experience level, body weight, and cycle goals.

Oxandrolone Dose for Beginners

These are our recommended dosing protocols to novices.

Standalone Anavar Cycle: 30-50mg (for a total period of six to eight week).
Injectable steroids (for the first 4 to 6 weeks or the last 4 to 6 weeks): 20-30mg
Use oral steroids 20-30mg in combination.
Beginers with lower bodyweight/musculature levels should decrease the upper-end doses by approximately 10mg.

For experienced users, Oxandrolone Dosage

These are our recommended dosing protocols to ensure Anavar's best results for advanced or experienced users.

Standalone Anavar Cycle: 40-100mg (for a total period of six to eight week).
Injectable steroids (stacks): 20 to 80mg for the first four to six weeks or the last four to six weeks.
Combine oral steroids 20-60mg.
Lower body weight or musculature levels should be able to reduce the dose by approximately 10 mg for experienced users.

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You can also read about my experiences with Anavar-only cycles. I have tried it twice and I am happy to share my experiences in the post.

Anavar Dosage: Last Thoughts

Dosing steroids is not an exact science and there are no hard and fast rules. Common sense is what you should use. Many users, especially those new to PEDs and anabolic steroids, believe that more is better. Steroids can cause adverse health effects so it is best to stick to the "less is more" mantra. It's better not to be too cautious than to throw caution to the wind when it comes to your health.

Anabolic steroids can be a lot stronger than people believe. They don't need to be taken in large doses to build significant muscle mass and strength. Anavar 40mg, which is considered a weak steroid, can build muscle mass and increase strength in a 6- to 8-week period if you have the right diet and training.

It is important to monitor your body's health throughout your cycle, and keep track of your health markers. Even if you feel great, it is still important to check your overall health. Anavar, as with all androgens has a reputation for having a negative effect on cholesterol, triglycerides and liver values. However, this is not as severe as the effects of stronger orals like Anadrol or Superdrol. It's still advisable to monitor these. If you find that your body is not responding well to a particular dose of Anavar, you can increase it.